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Posted By Jay Sheveck (The Beer Guppy™)

Studio shot, behind the scene of me playing around.


Studio shot, behind the scene of camera operator Matt Berning.


Studio shot, behind the scene of me (waiting in the interviewee chair).

Posted By Jay Sheveck (The Beer Guppy™)
Mayor Hickenlooper

Mayor Hickenlooper spoke to the media during the Brewers Association Media Luncheon.


Tables stand ready for beer and food pairings at Brewers Association Media Luncheon.


Denver's best pitchman Marty Jones led media across LoDo on a jam-packed beer tour.

Great Divide Brewing

Open house at Great Divide Brewing Company showcased its beer line up to the Beer Bus' thirsty media.

Posted By Jay Sheveck (The Beer Guppy™)

Oh what a fun trip! It was exhausting, expensive, and on my last day, surely not-at-all what I expected from craft brewers.

Firstly, let me send out a HUGE thanks to everyone who we interviewed during the GABF for Beer Pioneers! They were fantastic stories for sure. And the hospitality of the Brewers Association was first-class! The plethora of media events and the ample access to the festival made not only for a great time, but made for a wealth of story content. I am most grateful to you all.

Secondly, my hat's off to the Boulder Beer Company for allowing me to come in on a very busy afternoon and take over the brewery to film its founders, David Hummer and Stick Ware! The two beer pioneers had some very revealing stories of the earliest days of the brewery. Thanks to everyone involved!

The other side of my Denver trip story was a bit disappointing. Actually, I'm somewhat bitter about this. I was blown off by almost a dozen-and-a-half confirmed interviewees on Saturday, the "big" studio day. It truly sucks to have been stood-up by so many friends. This, compounded with the fact that I shelled out thousands of dollars to rent extra motion picture gear, and I rented a conference room from morning to afternoon in the uber-historic Brown Palace Hotel, specifically to craft those 20 world-class interviews. Yeah, it's quite disappointing. Just gotta move on, I guess.

Happily, I managed to get a total of four studio interviews- - and they look fantastic-- and a handful of ENG-style interviews from the festival that also look great. Glad, I am, for that.

The best part of all was making it home safely after the seventeen hour truck drive back to Los Angeles. Cameraman Matt and I were both able to make it back in time for "real" work on two different feature films. And hey, thanks for the great looking footage Matt! Well done.

Posted By Jay Sheveck (The Beer Guppy™)

Beer Pioneers continues its long beery journey once again. This will be the last post before I head off to Denver. My bags are packed, the camera gear is prepped, and I'm ready to go. Cameraman Matt and I will leave early this week for the 1000-mile drive.

The shooting schedule will be tight, but do-able if disciplined. Every evening we'll be scouting the floor of the GABF for pioneers of beer. Next Saturday will be a revolving door of interviews in the studio downtown. Other feature stories throughout the week will take us all over the greater Denver area. Hopefully there will be enough time in between for some relaxation-time beers.

I'm psyched. Cheers.

Posted By Jay Sheveck (The Beer Guppy™)

Today and tomorrow I will be placing the last orders for camera gear rentals that I want for the Denver trip. Hopefully I'll get everything I need. The camera and grip packages are already quietly waiting for me at the rental house. The handheld rigs and ENG accessories for the actual GABF coverage still need to be ordered.

I've lined-up a great cast of interviewees so far. Humbled, I am, with the response. I can't wait to hear their stories. In less than two weeks from now I'll be on my way to Denver. I bet a lot has changed since my 1996 and 1998 shoots, but I bet it'll be a blast to the past as well. Can't wait!



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