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The teaser I released for Beer Pioneers back in 2009 has been slightly updated (branding, titles and cards). I also corrected the tiny font which didn't make for easy viewing on the web.  I think the finished product better represents the current state of the film's progress (had I known the pitfalls that lay before me back in 2009, I would have postponed the release of the original teaser until now). Please check it out if you have not seen it yet.

Hopefully all stays on track for the completion of the film in September of 2013 for the film festival circuit. There are three small shoots/reshoots to go in January, and then it's all "post" from there. My thanks goes out to all of the folks at the camera-giant, Panavision, who have thrown their generous support behind the completion of principal photography of this film! Many, Many Thanks!!!

That's all for now, Cheers!



Posted By Jay Sheveck (The Beer Guppy™)

Yes! I finally have the documentary teaser up and running on the Web site.

Please check it out...

Beer Pioneers (Teaser)

And please suggest it to others if you like it.

Posted By Jay Sheveck (The Beer Guppy™)

After many years on the shelf, Beer Pioneers is coming along nicely. The documentary is definitely experiencing a second -more like a third- life. It's refreshing to view the original video footage in a high-end/broadcast-quality facility.

Many hours of the older footage have been up-converted and digitized at full HD resolution. The old EDL from the previous edit system was extracted and transcribed--although not much will be kept, however. New eyes on the project (both in the professional editing field and writing field) have better plans for most scenes. Summer 2010 still seems about right for a release window.

Lots of editing hardware is being/has been purchased. Beer Guppy, the company, is dumping PC technology for 100% Mac. (Two failed PC edit systems have really soured me on PCs altogether.)

In the meantime, a new promotional teaser is being cut to replace the old "loop tape" promo currently on this site [deleted 7/30/09]. Hopefully, the new one will attract some beer aficionado-and-public interest, and the possibility of additional distribution in the future. That should be released in mid-summer.

There are at least two more tentative shoots planned for the second/third quarters. One will be in the Bay area, and the other in Colorado.

An invitation to anyone reading this: if you had anything to do with the beer industry 1970s-1990s, or if you have stories about the early microbrewery scene or homebrewing scene, or even if you know the whereabouts of an early beer pioneer--- I'd love to hear from you! Please e-mail me or post a comment.

That's all I have for now. I'll have more updates soon.




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